Friday, April 10, 2009


Today is Good Friday, and the public school at which I teach is out for the day. I don't really understand how a public district can do that without getting a bunch of flack from the non-religious community, but it gets me out of a day of work, so I don't ask questions.

Lots of things have been going on in my world lately, and you probably wouldn't understand most of this unless you are one of my dearest friends. But at times I just need to vent, so here goes.

1. We are NOT moving to Mexico. Not now, not ever. It's been one year of living in limbo. Here's what we've been hearing: "You're moving in three months. You're not moving now. You're moving in six months. You're staying here. You'll be out of the country by the beginning of the year. You are not moving. You'll be in Mexico by June. We're not sure when/if you're moving." What a relief to finally know one way or another. Now, I feel like I can plan my life with confidence that I know what country I will be calling home. Some areas of my life that I feel like I can work on again are: family, career, home repairs, major purchases, projects... the list obviously goes on.

2. My department chair is leaving at the end of this year. She is a friend, but I am also excited to see who will take her place and how the dynamics will change. The English department in my building is huge - there are twelve of us - and we've never really felt very connected. Three of us are being considered for the position. I am the most junior in age, experience, and tenure, and I really think one person in particular would be great. The question is will she take it? She'd be perfect for it. Time will tell who it will be.

3. I've been photographing for friends and family lately and I am having a super blast. I shot my nephew's wedding two weeks ago and got at least one photo I'm totally in love with. I would really like to share it here, but I want them to see it first and I feel I should have their consent to publish it. My husband's dearest friend and his new fiance (woo hoo!!) have asked me to do a photo shoot for their engagement announcement photos. I am truly honored that they would ask me to do this for them; they could afford the best photographer in the city and they chose me! I am a little nervous because I want the pictures to be perfect for them. We've got this Saturday planned for the shoot if the weather is good. Wish me luck.

4. I'm down at least 20 pounds now. The bad news is that my jeans don't fit anymore and I hate shopping for jeans.

5. Kev and I decided to make this Easter just about us (and Jesus, of course!). This is the only holiday that we feel we have to choose between his family and mine, and I always miss the one we're not with. So this year, we (mostly I) decided to just spend the day together. We're planning on going to church in the early morning, then we're going to the Royals vs. Yankee's game at the newly renovated Kauffman Stadium. We scored incredible tickets six rows up from home plate. I've also got a little surprise for Kevo in the form of a (very manly) Easter basket.

6. As far as my struggle with infertility and family-building... things are in the works. That's all for now.

There's more going on, but I'll have to save that for another day.

Have a good Good Friday.


Christina Claassen said...

Sounds like you will have a nice Easter with Kevin. Sometimes, those are the best times...just you and your hubby. Love and hugs.

Photogrl said...

Have a great day with sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

It has to be a relief to finally no that you're not going anywhere.

Good luck on the position!

mgstone10 said...

Sounds like your life is at least getting close to being on a less curvy road. I am glad that you know you are not moving, I can not imagine having to spend a year of my life wondering if I would ever get to call a place home. As far as your English dept, I hope that the person that becomes the new chair is great at team building. I am also glad that you took some time as a couple, you may do more of that when you finally get that little bundle of joy. Keep faith and hope. You and Kevin are in my prayers...will you post a pic of a "manly" easter basket...that I have to see!

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