Monday, April 27, 2009


Emily at has started a movement in the world of infertility. It's kind of a pay-it-forward gift exchange with a one track mind. The idea is that something as simple as a pair of silly socks can lighten the load placed upon those of us who are reproductively challenged.

She's right, too.

I've found that I do strange things as well to help me cope with the gravity and sometimes seemingly unending pain of infertility. At my last appointment at the infertility clinic (before I had heard about, I planned my outfit to include a pair of knee-high trouser socks with Chinese dragons printed on them because I thought they were reminiscent of sperm. I asked Kev to play along, so he donned a nice paisley tie - also spermesque. It seems silly, stupid, or maybe superstitious, but it did provide a moment or two of giggles. Because, let's face it, having your legs propped up in stirrups and a camera inserted into your holiest of holies is no laughing matter. In fact, it's nerve wracking. So the little things like printed socks help.

What Emily has created is a service to other infertile women living in the land of pills, shots, blood tests, etc. You just give her your info, and she sends you a pair of brand new socks that have been donated by other women in a similar boat. It's a small gesture, but to someone who's dealing with the isolation of infertility, feeling connected, if even remotely, is a welcomed and much needed solace.

I signed up to receive a pair of socks, and within a week, I was greeted with a package containing some green fish swimming in a sea of blue cotton. Despite my fatigue after a long day at work, I was inspired right then to go out and purchase some socks for Emily to gift on my behalf. I bought a lightweight pair of Gold Toe Premier with a floral pattern and one pair of knee-high fishnets. I hope whoever receives them has as much fun wearing them as I did picking them out. I also wish her, whoever she may be, fertile thoughts and baby blessings.

If you've been touched by the wide-reaching web of infertility - maybe you or your sister, friend, cousin - check out Emily's site and donate a pair of socks to brighten someone's trip to the stirrups.


Straubles said...

This is such a great idea! I was just so thrilled when they let me keep my socks on for the procedures but wished i would've had something more fun than my boring white athletic socks (and i think one of them had a hole in the embarrassing--almost worse than being strapped up in those horrid stirrups!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea. They should come in a little drawstring bag so that you can keep them in your purse or glove compartment for emergencies. I've accidentally shown up at the RE wearing flip flops during the summer. Oh the or bare feet?

Colleen said...

I sent in some socks even though I'm not doing the stirrup thing, I hope someone like you gets them and can get a laugh out of them....

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