Friday, June 20, 2008


We have been working with an incredible reproductive endocrinologist since August of 2006.  After several office visits and ultrasounds, he put me back on 2000 mg of Metformin, Clomid, and a once-a-month ovulation trigger shot of HCG.   The very first month (October) I was on this protocol, we conceived!  We were ecstatic.  We picked out names, envisioned the nursery, and started looking for an OB/GYN.  A few days before Christmas, we had an ultrasound that showed no heartbeat or fetal growth.  The baby had stopped developing a few days before, and we were devastated.  The D&C was scheduled for a couple of days before New Years.  It was the hardest Christmas season I've ever experienced.  

We continued trying to conceive using the same protocol for the next ten months.  Each month brought us another BFN (big fat negative).  I underwent a surgery in September 2007.  My doctor performed a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, another D&C, hysterosalpingogram, cystectomy, and he zapped my endometriosis with a CO2 laser.  I was in recovery for about a week, then we picked up with the same protocol.  Month after month I was greeted by AF, which was actually a big step in the right direction in my reproductive health because I had never had regular periods.   Regardless, period equals empty womb.

It seemed like we had been TTC with the same protocol forever.  Finally, this spring we ordered injectible medicines from Great Britain to begin an IUI cycle.  The first month I was on the meds, my ovaries over responded.  My estradiol levels were so high that the lab's equipment couldn't even read the numbers and I had dozens of medium-sized follicles among the few dominant ones.  The cycle was then cancelled.  Damn.  After a month of ovarian rest, we were finally able to try again.  This time, I injected for 18 days and the IUI went off without a hitch.  Now, I'm in the two week wait.  

My blood draw is scheduled for July 2.  Our sixth wedding anniversary is June 29.  If we are pregnant, implantation should occur on the 27th.  Should I test on the 28th?  Theoretically, we could have a double celebration.  On the other hand, it could put a real damper on things.  What to do?   


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