Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We met tonight with an adoption counselor and child placement officer. It went wonderfully. She is great - very knowledgeable, understanding, and heartfelt. She explained what modern open adoptions can look like, and how they actually benefit everyone involved. We walked away with a better understanding of the adoption process and a big stack of papers explaining what we need to do first. We're going to plan this weekend. We are going to do this. I'm very excited about adopting. What a unique experience this will be. What a joy to raise a child. This must be what God wants us to do.

Of course, we'll need your help. But I know I can count on you. I love you!


Mindy said...

Congratulations hun! What great news! Good luck with all of your planning this weekend! You're right it will be a very unique experience and one which you will always treasure, especially when you're looking on your beautiful child and remembering how it all started. Aww!


Mrs. JDM3 said...

Congratulations!!!!! Good luck with everything and just let me know what you need 'help' with!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is great. you will be a wonderful mother. good luck.

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