Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Since beginning Lupron about six days ago, I've been a terrible person to be around. At least for Kev to be around. Poor guy, he can't seem to do anything right. But truthfully, I don't know if it's the Lupron that is making my fuse short or if it's really Kev being an ass.

A few days ago as I changed my clothes, I looked into the mirror and began pouting and harumphing about. Kev asked what was wrong and I said that I felt that I had gained back all the weight I lost this spring. He told me that I should exercise more and I wouldn't feel that way. Oh boy, did I ever blow up! He's right, but I told him that what he had said was not helpful and that I just wanted him to say something supportive.

Later that night, we went to his parents' house for a lovely dinner. Once we got home and I had changed into my PJ's, Kev asked me if I wanted to go over to a friend's house for cocktails. Um...NO. Not now! I'm in my PJ's! So he said he'd be back in one hour. One hour and fifty-five minutes later, he was still not home and hadn't returned my calls or texts. My mind started going crazy. I just knew he was in a ditch somewhere between our house and theirs. So I threw on my slippers and drove, looking down every side street for his abandoned car. It was now after midnight and I was totally surprised to see his car parked in front of our friends' house and all the guests were outside on the porch! Oh, the embarrassment. Kev was quick to insinuate that I had embarrassed him too. In fact, he called me a lunatic. And I was.

The next day, Kev's baseball team came over for a cookout. I had grocery shopped, chopped, cooked, cut, plated, and prepped all day. Kev did not say two words to me the entire time they were here. They were here for seven hours. One of them actually said, "Man, it must suck being married." To which, Kev responded, "It's not that bad." Not that bad? Are you freaking kidding me? This is the response to the moron who just ate my food and is sitting on my deck under my patio umbrella and assumes that being married must "suck"? I expected my husband to put the moron in his place, but instead, they just continued drinking beer and exchanging misogynistic comments. When the last two idiots finally left, I had already packed our bags to spend the weekend with my parents. Kev got a tongue-lashing in the car as I drove his inebriated ass to my home town an hour away.

And tonight Kev is going to a baseball game with some co-workers. When he told me that he'd have his phone on him at the game, do you think I believed that he would actually answer my call should I try to reach him? Do you think I believed him when he said he'd be home long before 11pm? I believe the last thing he heard was the sound of my slamming the phone down.

I absolutely hate the way I'm feeling. Every little thing he's done in the past five or six days has been infuriating. Is it the Lupron or is he being an ass?

**As I was getting ready to publish this post, I heard someone try to open the front door. I ran upstairs to see which neighbor needed what. There was Kev, peering in through the crack in the door held in place by the chain lock. I opened the door, and he handed me a bouquet of flowers. He then proceeded to apologize for being an ass. God, I love that man.


armyadamsgirl said...

well adleast we gave you flowers HOW SWEET!!!.
never been on lupron so i dont know if it makes you crazy but i am glad kevin is a great guy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's hard to tell if he's being a jerk in response to your Lupron moods or if it's your Lupron that's making you see (and write about) his actions in such a negative light, but reading your post it certainly sounds like he had some good reasons to apologize! I'm glad he did, and I hope the Lupron rage is all worth it. :)

G & H said...

Ok so the flowers made up for my original thought that he was in the wrong..he obviously acknowledged that but for the guy saying it must suck to be married after someones WIFE just did all that work for them ( chop cook etc) what a jerk!

mgstone said...

Hmm, well here is my opinion, for what it is worth. The lupron definitily affects your hormones and therefore makes even the slightest stupid remark more hurtful and makes you a lot more sensitive to them. I honestly think it was both that he was acting like a jerk and the fact that you are stressed and on medication. I hope that you feel better and even more importantly that this in the end is well worth all of the trauma. love you praying for you!

Brandy said...

I was totally gonna say he was being an ass.... or you could be slightly wackadoo from the lupron but either way he shouldn't be acting like that...
but the flowers.. AWWWW!
What a nice guy!
oh and btw...
the little 'captcha' thing
spells out herberes is that really a word? it almost looks like herpes :)
great eh?

Christina Claassen said...

Yes, married life ain't always that fairy tale they sold us as little girls...but none of us are perfect, aye? Better to have those ass-like, flower-toting husbands than just our sad little selves. Hug and love for good feelings Gina, I'm really thinking of you on a regular basis.

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