Monday, November 10, 2008


Kevin and I are sending out letters to all our family and friends that just talks a little about what we're hoping to do with adoption. More importantly, it includes a "mini profile" that you can keep in a desk or file or dresser until you run across someone who may be considering creating a plan for adoption.

We just ask that as you go about your day at work or church or with family and friends, you keep us in mind if you learn of someone who may benefit from making a plan for an open adoption.

I haven't seen many of you in years, and obviously wouldn't have your physical address. Those of you whom I see often, I probably don't have yours either. I've just been slacking off - that's it - no excuses. So please send me your address. You never know when God or fate or the universe will need you to help ensure that a child is given every possibility for a bright future.

With much love and gratitude,
Gina & Kevin

PS. Please email your address to


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