Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's been a month since my last post. I'll try not to let that much time pass between posts again. I just haven't felt all that interesting or loquacious lately. There hasn't been much going on anyway.

Work is wearing me down - as it does this time every year. I am currently nursing a sinus infection that has kept me home on the couch for the past two days and up coughing until 3 am the past few nights.

Kev and I took a little birthday trip to Albuquerque for the annual Balloon Fiesta. Sounds great, right? Yeah. The damn fiesta was a bust. The hurricane that blew in from the Baja kept the 700 balloons from launching all weekend. So we got up each day at 4:30, drove into town, paid the entrance and parking fees, marveled at the fact that so many thousands of people are up for a "carnival" at 5am, and waited patiently until the launches were ultimately cancelled. It was a real bummer. The mini-vacation was not a total loss, though. We rented a convertible and drove the Turquoise Trail, hiked Tent Rocks National Monument, rode the tram to the top of Sandia Peak, and hung out on Nob Hill and Old Town.

Kevin has become quite a local celebrity. Every day for about three weeks, we got phone calls from friends and family saying they saw him on a commercial for KCTV5. We watched for weeks to see what everyone else had seen, but never saw it. Finally, we caught a glimpse - a brief one - of his handsome face saying something about a reliable forecast. He's such a cheese!

As far as the adoption process goes, we finished our home study and are just waiting on our social worker to write up the report. Then, we wait to be matched. We could be matched right away, or it may take a couple of years. Hopfully, we're on the shorter end of that time span. We will be mailing out letters to family and friends soon, so be watching your mailbox for a love note from us.


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